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Consulting and technology for personal mobility and logistics | Consulting and technology
for personal mobility and logistics

The world never stops moving. Organizations face constant pressure to deliver efficiency, improve customer experience and simultaneously address global issues like sustainability and climate change.

With technology evolving at high speed, you want to keep innovating to stay up to date and meet
your customers’ needs. At Enide, we have a holistic view and can help you tackle these issues with great success.

Areas of expertise

Specialized in personal mobility and logistics, we have decades of collective experience creating solutions that help you solve your most urgent business challenges. Applying advanced technology, our highly skilled team offers a rich combination of technical knowledge, project management capabilities and practical experience. We drive success from end to end.

Personal mobility

Covering both urban mobility in cities and long-distance travel, we design new approaches and technologies to help people make journeys that are smart, safe and sustainable. All in a seamless way.

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By using data and technology, we improve efficiency in the supply chain, thanks to our experience collaborating with all key stakeholders.

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Our areas of expertise include the needs, challenges and opportunities of future generations of vehicles – particularly focusing on automated, connected and electric vehicles.

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Smart technology

We specialize in the latest trends and solutions including mobile apps, Big Data, Privacy by Design, the ‘Internet of Things’, and cloud computing.


From the inception of a new idea to bringing it to market, we drive innovation by applying a “design thinking” approach .

Who works with us?

We collaborate with public- and private-sector clients at national and international level in the fields of personal mobility with public administrations across Europe; in logistics, with multinational organizations to improve efficiency in the supply chain; in the automotive sector on connected and electric vehicles; and in smart technology, we collaborate with major research centers to adapt new technologies to the business context.

Personal Mobility


Automotive sector

Smart Technology

What are the benefits of working with us?

Expect a creative, disciplined approach when you work with us. On every project, we develop an in-depth understanding of your needs and challenges, focusing on the goal we share with you: to deliver the best solutions for your customers and clients, now and in the future. As one of our guiding principles, we act with integrity and honesty toward our clients.

Founded in 2011, we benefit the fresh culture of a start-up and the desire for new ways of solving problems. And we combine this with applied technology and an extensive network of partners to help get things done.

An international and highly skilled team

Our international and young team (number of employees: 11; average age: 35) has the right balance of
deep domain knowledge honed in the smart technologies and industrial field.