Logistics | Logistics Given the fast-moving nature of the supply chain, improved performance is essential for organizations to trade smoothly across regional and international borders.

At Enide we solve challenges based on our advanced knowledge of data and technology. Strong collaboration with all partners in the supply chain drives our success. Working with SMEs, multinationals, universities and research institutes, we help companies manage the flow of goods, predict demand and ensure the early detection of incidents and opportunities.

Our expertise

Thanks to our solid technology background as well as our understanding of the key challenges in the sector, we have the expertise needed to help you improve management and operations in logistics.


Here are some examples of our most recent projects:

HARMONY supports public authorities and service providers in transport and spatial planning. It proposes a model suite to inform suitable recommendations to be implemented in different urban scenarios. Real-life testing will include demonstrations with drones and autonomous vehicles at the service of citizens’ needs. Enide is leading the activities related to communication, exploitation and innovation management.

Cool Airport System defines a collaborative system for the air cargo logistics chain focused on the pharmaceutical and perishable sectors. It proposes a better use or improvement of the existing cold chain solutions.

SmartCOOLBOX is a logistics solution for highly reliable temperature-controlled goods, based on an intelligent, connected, reusable and modular isothermal container. It reduces losses due to temperature excursions and allows savings through modular reusable boxes and less wasted products.

Clusters 2.0 is a logistics project based on three pillars: co-ordination, connectivity and openness. It will use an open network of logistic clusters, supporting local, regional and European development, while keeping neutral local impacts such as congestion, noise, land use and local pollution levels. The aim is to achieve a sustainable, efficient and fully integrated transport system.

LOGICON: Apps for transport operators enabling value-added services through SMEs and freelance drivers 

LogiCon delivers connectivity as well as web and mobile applications for information exchange and management in the transportation chain among collaborating companies. 


Collaborating with EUROSKY, a research project partly-funded by the European Commission to develop a single European secure air-cargo space. We’re also one of more than 60 European institutions involved in the flagship CORE project that aims to protect and secure the global supply chain. 

Who works with us?

In logistics, we collaborate with multinational organizations such as Procter & Gamble, DHL and Carreras to improve efficiency in the supply chain.

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